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Course Name: Team Accelerator (Code# 128) - Coming soon, join our waitlist. 





Course Outline: Provides leaders the foundational skills and behaviours required to remain an effective influence throughout their career.

HubPod School Virtual Classes

HubPod School ‘s virtual learning is a 10-month program that teaches students to become future leaders. The students will tackle courses in Social Challenges, Management Challenges and Technology.  The idea of the program is to mould these students to become strong leaders and entrepreneurs at a younger age.  Why wait for them to learn these life skills when they are adults when they need to be implementing and using these tools now.  The students will be collaborating and working with other students from around the world not only building their network but also working together to address real life global issues. 

Every week, students will:
– Learn about the topic at hand
– Participate in public speaking and negotiation activities
– Meet expert guest speakers
– Engage in team-building activities
– Step into the role of simulations challenges.

What is HubPod School Model?

Participants learn about a global issue and are assigned to a specific real-life topic. In a simulation that mirrors a hackathon session, students give speeches, engage in formal debate, collaborate and negotiate ideas, draft solutions, negotiate a deal and vote. Using this procedure to structure a proposed solution, students have the opportunity to build skills for life and leadership while learning about a complex global issue.

How does the virtual program work?

Several days before the start of the program, registered students will receive a specially designed website that includes all the resources, materials, and links needed for the program. Students will convene via Zoom.

Is there a possibility for in-person programming?
This program will only be offered virtually.

Who participates?
This program is open to students from ages 8-20 years.  Students join us from all over the world!

When is the program?
The program is every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 12 pm.  Please note, this program is in Eastern Standard Time

What is the cost of the program?

$150 CAD Dollars per student per month.

Can I register my student for just part of the program?
Partial program options are not available. 

What tech do I need to access this program?

You will need:
– Laptop, Desktop, tablet, or similar device
– Internet access
– Zoom &/ Google Meets(with the latest updates)
– Access to Google docs
– Headphones (optional)

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and you AND your friend will get $50 back! To refer a friend email us at

Important notes about the refer-a-friend refund:

– Only 1 refer-a-friend refund per person (even if you refer multiple people)
– Refer-a-friend refunds are non-transferrable and are credited to the card used for registration 

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