Management Challenges

  • Crisis Management

  • Think Teams

  • Scrum Master

  • Virtual Leadership

  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

  • Girls In Leadership

  • Managing Innovation

  • Designing A Borderless World

  • Design Thinking

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Teams in your Virtual Space

  • Coaching Your Team

  • Team Accelerator

  • Public Speaking

  • Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship Alpha Generation

  • Financial Literacy

  • Negotiation Training

  • Presentation Training

  • Branding in a Digital Age

  • Organizational Culture

  • Collaboration

  • Business Planning

  • Digital Media and Literacy

  • Budget Templates

  • How to Build Your Professional Network

  • How to build a proposal

  • Investor Pitch

  • Media Pitch

Social Challenges

  • Zero Poverty

  • Zero Hunger

  • Good Health and Well Being

  • Univerisal Access to Quality Education

  • Social Media and Mental Health

  • Nucular Disarment

  • Protecting Endangered Species

  • UN Pecekeeping

  • Gender Equality

  • Racial Justice

  • The Future of Nato

  • The Future of World Bank

  • Cryptocurrenncy


Introduction to Tech Futures

Artifical Intelligfence and Data Science

Compute Power

Robitics and Automation


Fintech and Blockchain

Internet of Everything (IOE)

Removal of Carbon Dioxide in the Air

Aerospace and Aviation

Transforming Mindsets

Current educational models generally fail to change the way learners think, focusing instead on disseminating information that is widely available. Our approach imparts a set of cognitive tools—Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts—that effectively reprograms the learner’s mind.

This results in an ability to navigate uncertainty and solve complex

problems in unfamiliar domains.