HubPod School's Commitment to Community and Inclusion

HubPod School is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our pod community. We welcome those who would contribute to the further diversification of our staff, our faculty and its scholarship including, but not limited to, women, children, visible minorities, economic backgrounds,Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. What makes HubPod School other facilities is that we are global. Whether you are a student in a marginilized community in South Africa to a student from a small town in Canada or student from a small island in Greece our classes are accessible for all. There are no barriers to be a part of the HubPod School community. All ideas, opinions, thoughts, challenges are welcomed. We provide a safe space and platform for the Alpha Generation , our staff and affliates to use their voice, creativity and innovation loud and clear. We are a community that is respectful, engaging and thoughtful. At the end of the day we want to offer our students an opportunity to grow, provide accessible information and knowledge with the support of our qualified mentors/instrutors. Everything that HubPod School offers is relevant because we are teaching kids from around the world skills and knowledge that they will be able to apply and yet be more competitive. We also offer scholarships for students that wish to take any of our courses but may not have the financial means. If you are an individual student or charity that represents students that can use a hand up to opportunity let us know at because we are simply an email away. We embrace and accept all Alpha Generation students. HubPod School was established by Co-Founders of HubPod School both boys Jett and Ben who are children simply want kids from around the world to have equal and accessible opportunities to learn and grow as future global leaders. If you wish to sponsor a child or a group of children again send us an email at

Visit us at or send us an email at to register your child for one of our forward thinking courses. You can also find us on Twitter @hubpodschool or @hubpod01.

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