Have Your Child Invest in Metaverse Property- "I Bought It I Want It"

Why have your child from the Alpha Generation spend their hard earned allowance , birthday money or other special occassion money on just games. Why not have them invest in met averse property. It sounds crazy right? But you know what my 10 year old son and his business partner invested in some met averse property because they believe in the future potential growth it will have down the road. Now remember these two boys are only 10 and 11 years old so they can wait to see what happens with their investment. The boys wanted a piece of the met averse real estate and just like in Arianna Grande's song from 7 Rings the chorus " I want it! I bought it". That's exactly what the boys did. Now its time to perhaps pivot your child/children to think the same way. www.hubpodschool.com can show them how to do this. Please note we are not giving financial advice to you or your children. But simply letting you know what our kids have done.

Decentraland is one of the biggest and fasted growing Crypto Games out there. It is essentially a crypto based virtual world created in 2016 by a group of developers in Argentina. Back in 2018, players were profiting more than 500% buying property that doesn’t actually physically exist from Decentraland. It’s built on the Ethereum Blockchain and it is essentially a game of virtual worlds where you can buy land and sell them in the future for a higher price.

What is Decentraland?

The core of the game is to be able to create creative things. Players can create scenes, artworks, challenges using their simple builder tool. As we know players can buy and sell virtual properties and these are documented in the Ethereum Blockchain to make the transactions easy and prevent frauds and scams. Players can create almost anything they want from casinos, game parlors, buildings, skyscrapers to anything they can dream of.

What is Land in Decentraland?

Similar to the real world Real Estate Terms, Land in Decentraland is simply called “LAND”. The land can include the virtual properties and the creations of the players. Each land is 16X16 meters and each land is an NFT.

What is an NFT? – NFT’s are digital tokens that are non-fungible meaning, they cannot be duplicated, replicated or replaced. They can be anything from an Original Artwork, music, videos or any digital asset that which is tokenized and turned into an NFT, will posses the qualities of an NFT. Thus, the digital asset or the Artwork will have it’s ownership recorded in the Blockchain network and due to this, fraudulent activities and scams can be prevented. Therefore, here in Decentraland, each LAND is an NFT. Which means that, your land will have a unique token ID and it can be sold in the marketplace for the price that you desire.

In Decentraland, LAND can be bought using their official cryptocurrency called MANA. You can easily buy MANA from the traditional Crypto currency exchanges like Coinbase or even from MetaMask. On average, one parcel of LAND in Decentraland approximately costs 6,900 MANA which is equivalent to $5700 Dollars USD. As of August, 2021, the price of MANA was $0.84.

You may wonder how do players make money from Virtual properties in Decentraland and the core idea itself is NFT. Because each LAND in Decentraland is an NFT. Here the idea of scarcity comes into play and this is the reason why, when a player buys a land, there is a high probability for him to sell his land for a higher price in the future because the land is scarce and if you can figure out, what kind of and which land is a profitable investment, you can make good money from Decentraland.

Of course, this requires, a bit of research and you’ll probably have to play the game and understand it’s mechanics and how the market really works.

How do you buy land in Decentraland?

Buying land in Decentraland is actually pretty simple and I will walk you through the whole process .

Firstly, you’ll need a Crypto Wallet in order for you to be able to purchase land in Decentraland. Creating a Crypto Wallet – MetaMask

A crypto wallet is essentially a wallet that is used for buying, selling and storing crypto currencies. One of the best and most flexible crypto wallets is MetaMask. Metamask is a very famous crypto wallet in the blockchain community because it is used by almost every blockchain companies out there including Decentraland. It’s one of the best wallets out there so be sure to have an account with Metamask.

1. First Step is go to Metamask.com and first install their Official Chrome Plugin. Depending upon which browser you use, MetaMask also has a plugin for Firefox. Although, I recommend using Chrome, but if you use Firefox, you can still use Metamask from that browser.

2. Go to their website (Metamask.com) and Click on “Get Chrome Extension”.

3. Next click on “Add to Chrome”

4. Click on “Add Extension”.

5. MetaMask is now Installed on your Chrome Browser.

6. The next step is to create an account with MetaMask.

7. You should see a MetaMask logo icon in the top right corner of your browser.

8. Click on that icon and select “Try it now”.

9. Hit “Continue”.

At www.hubpodschool.com we are offer a course on how to navigate in the Metaverse world and one of the areas we touch on is how to buy real estate . We hope that the two Co-founders from HubPOd School have inspired your child/children to look ahead for their future. We look forward to having your child/children be a part of the HubPod School community. If you have any questions you can certainly send us an email at info@hubpodschool.com .

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