Get Ready For the Graduting 2033 Alpha Generation

The children of millennials, generation Alpha, are on their way to university near you, and their expectations for higher education will be unlike anything we’ve seen.

Generation Alpha celebrated its first birthday in 2011. Although these ten-year-old’s are not yet university-ready, universities can begin preparations to meet the influencers of the future. These children are already influencing their parents’ spending habits. Millennials are more than willing to provide their generation Alpha children with what they need for success, and these parents are seeking non-traditional opportunities. Take for example HubPod School ( offers courses for their children that are not being offered in a traditional school system.

There’s no reason to expect that this trend will wane by the time generation Alpha will be ready for university matriculation.

Here’s how HubPod School has prepared generation Alpha in the next steps:

Comfort with Technology

You can expect generation Alpha students to have developed an unprecedented comfort with technology. All they will have known in their lives is the seamless integration between technology and everyday living.

These students will expect technology to be integrated into university studies, and their purchasing and learning will be virtual which is what HubPod School is already teaching and pushing the envelope further with this glass generation group.

Less is more

Because technology broadens the world, Generation Alpha is the offspring of millennials who refused to inherit their parents’ collections of furniture, art, and family mementos. They, like their parents, will have a laser-like focus on needs instead of wants. Education will be no exception to this rule which is what HubPod School prepares their students.

The generation Alpha students will strive to become subject matter specialists in their chosen fields, and they will be willing to invest the time it takes to do that.

Palpable Effects on Learning

Don’t expect the Generation Alphas to wait until university to do their learning. This generation will be more entrepreneurial than any other, and you can expect many of its members to have already started their own companies. Look at the Co-Founders from HubPod School. They are the offspring from the Alpha Generation make a difference and providing a platform for pupil achievement within this generation. Generation Alphas are more likely to live into their 100s, and this longevity will afford them with rich knowledge, learned from their studies and from experiences from HubPod School and other life experiences.

With the right planning, get ready to see how and where your child will be for the class of 2033.

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