5 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin — Now!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

All you truly need is an internet access to start stacking satoshis. The goal of this blog is to help the Alpha Generation learn how to earn Bitcoin in five easy ways, however it will require something in exchange, whether it’s time, knowledge or a computer’s processing power. Listed below are the five easy ways to get started.

1.🍭Try Lolli — Earn satoshis back with every purchase online! 2.🍯 HoneyMiner — Convert your CPU or GPU into passive income! 3.⚡ TippinMe — Donations on the web in Bitcoin! 4.🛏️ CryptoCribs — Rent out your crib for Bitcoin & more! 5.🤑 BitWage — Earn your wage (% vary) in Bitcoin!

Going down the list, we will go into a little bit in depth about each one.

1. Earn Satoshi back on every purchase with Try Lolli

When you shop online with TryLolli, you get paid back in Bitcoin! You can find everything you need from men’s, children’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes to home décor, electronics, toys and more. Over 500 retailers including BestBuy, Macy’s, Overstock, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Booking.com. HomeAway, Hilton, & many more. So, instead of getting loyalty points or cash back, make sure to earn satoshis back.

2. Use HoneyMiner — Available for MacOS & Windows OS

HoneyMiner app, which is available for Windows OS, is easy to download and set up. All that’s required for registration is a valid email address & converting your processing power into some extra passive income. By the way, mining programs have started to adapt CPU Mining since it is a lot more cost-efficient way to produce Bitcoin without paying too much in electricity costs.

3. Include a Tippin Me address on your Twitter account.

Receive tips and micropayments anywhere with this Lightning Network Bitcoin wallet. Sign up with your Twitter account and you can cash out anytime. Learn more about Tippin.me

4. Rent out Your Crib on CryptoCribs

Think of it as the “Airbnb for Cryptocurrency Users”. To use the service, register as either an owner or as someone looking for a place to stay. The transactions happen just as they do on any other travel website. So, people click on the place they want to stay in and trust in the encrypted system to keep users and owners completely safe. Their fees are reduced with every booking and positive review until eventually no fees.

5. Convert a % of your Wage w/ Bitwage

Bitwage is a service that will convert a percentage of your paycheck into cryptocurrency automatically. Bitwage now lets companies pay salaried employees in crypto, rather than just contractors. The tax portion is converted into dollars and paid out in accordance with current tax systems in your respective country and there will be a small flat fee charge.

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Oh for people asking how many satoshis in a bitcoin, remember that 100,000,000 satoshis = 1 BTC. By they way, if you like this article, let us know on social media and clap as you please and we will release another article showing another 5 easy ways to earn Bitcoin.

September 23, 2021- 3 minute read

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