Brilliant Business Kids Inspires Next Generation Of Alpha Entrepreneurs

A visit to HubPod School has paved the way for potential future MBA leaders, with a group of elementary and secondary school students from all around the world who are inspired to consider an education at HubPod School an online Edtech.

The inaugural of HubPod School , hosted by Jett and Ben two elementary students who are also entrepreneurs, brought about 70 students to enroll in some of the courses that HubPod School offers for a 4 week workshop with experts in entrepreneurship.

“We believe that HubPod School is such a prestigious and respected venue had an influence in creating a sense of trust in, and respect for, the school even though it had never been held before,” HubPod School co-founders Jett and Ben said.

HubPod School describes itself as an education company designing entrepreneurial Learning in Action programs, based on collated data and research, which “educate aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs globally to grow themselves and their businesses”.

“Many of the students who attended HubPod School had not previously seen entrepreneurship as a career pathway as they had not ever been exposed to such a prestigious online Edtech school.

“Students left at the end of the day with a different viewpoint and a sense that HubPod School was a place that is embracing innovation and new ideas and that tertiary education has evolved to meet the needs of the Alpha generation.”

Jett and Ben said the outcome this year was truly incredible.

“We saw young people embrace the true value of from backpacks to boardroom , the core theme of HubPod School.”

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