Artificial Intelligence, the Controversial Wave of Modern Era

nformation technology, computer science made easy humans day to day life. People could have achieved a wide range of goods and services from autonomous vehicles up to the intelligent refrigerator. In past, people had a problem. It is how do we think? Because of this thinking ability, man can understand, predict, and reason about certain things. Scientists did experiments about this thinking ability. Artificial intelligence is a result of these experiments. First AI is used for learning and perception. But now it is used for playing chess, proving mathematical theorems, writing poetry, and diagnosing diseases.

AI is a word used to introduce intelligent activity connected with machines and their behavior in the science field. The books engage with artificial intelligence define it as a study about intelligent clients and doing creations. Here, the intelligent client is defined as a system which understand the surrounding well and do its excellent performance. John Makati is the inventor of the word AI. He defines it as the science and engineering technology of creating intelligent machines. He defines this word in 1956. The researchers tried to give qualities to machines.

They are reasoning, knowledge, planning, studying, communication, thinking styles, ability to move, controlling substances, etc. But were unable to give normal level intelligence to machines. The long-term mission of the researchers related to artificial intelligence is to create a high-level artificial intelligence. The knowledge and tools of many fields use for artificial intelligence and researchers. Computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, cognitive science, synopsis research, economics, rule of thumb, potential, optimization, and logic are included in it. Artificial intelligence research is connected with robots, control systems, making timetables, analyzing data, well organizing, voice recognizing, and face-recognizing fields. Different names are proposed to these fields like computing intelligence, synthesis intelligent systems, or computer rationality.

History of artificial intelligence

In the mid half of the 20th century, few scientists opened a new entrance to create intelligent devices. Modern findings in neuroscience, new mathematical theory in information, the control and stability of science in communication and automatic controlling methods of machines and living beings, and the equipment based on mathematical logic are born with this entrance. A new artificial intelligence research field was found at a seminar in Dartmouth College in the summer term of 1956. The members who participated were the priorities of the researches. John Makati, Mervin Minsky, Alan newel, and Herbert Simon are special among them. They established artificial intelligent Laboratories in Mesachie-sets technical institute, missionary society, and Stanford. The programs which are written by them and their students were wonderful. American defense department-sponsored their researches and was optimistic about it. In the 21st century, artificial intelligence achieved the best success. It contributes service for organizing and activation plans, searching data, examines diseases. As a result of artificial intelligence in computer science, a supercomputer played for chess and Watson failed 2 competitors after 14 years.

Now AI has discovered unexpected applications. Research pays attention to any application. But robots, vehicles, drones are famous. Video games also a specific field. What happens to AI in the future? Researchers pay more attention to invent C3POs and WALL-Es. It will end with machines without drivers, smartphones, and houses that may be robot thieves. AI-controlled robots are important to find attack communities. Robots have been involved in the manufacturing industry. So, workers may be lost their jobs in the future and it is a doubt.

Do you know about the dark side of artificial intelligence? Remember what happened when introduced Twitter bot by Microsoft company. What happened before going 24 hours? What happened when losing control of artificial intelligence? The first Twitter bot was socialized as an innocent character. But before going 24 hours she started to show conflict behavior. This robot woman has published about 96000tweets.

Russia, America, china hope to add this AI to their security system. In the future, nuclear weapons will be controlled by AI. The bad side of AI is, information war has been worst because of AI. There are popular services which provide free to people. AI inserts those services and takes information and data. After analyzing them and get a large profit. Facebook and Google. These also insert into the life of people and collect a large amount of information and data. Facebook and Google know what we eat, drink, where do we go even about the job. They don’t get them by force. They read even our emails about new creations, and also they get information about the economic status of high-class companies. They do this by showing that they give us a personalized service by reading our emails. So, what about email filtering. In 2012 google has identified 99% of email spam and updated it for 99.9% in 2015. They aim at group information. They get an idea about the behavior of people in the country, thinking styles, and so on. They try a method to change people’s behavior. They want just a second to read the email and filter it.

So, it is safe if you use encrypted messaging services to send messages. WhatsApp and telegram are the best options for this. But Facebook has ownership of WhatsApp. Though uploaded billions of photos to Facebook, it can identify you and your friends’ faces. It is an application of AI. Now Facebook web can know even about your mood. They can change your mood to a Facebook newsfeed. More experiments came out by showing the worst side of AI. It is google has taken pictures by the street view and they have got details about the behavior of people. If they used humans for this, they will take at least 15 years to bring the output. But the AI took only 2 weeks to analyze. Current check deposits also available now. You can see live translations using google translate.

Anything has two sides. So as a world, it is our responsibility to be prevented from the harmful side and use AI for the welfare of the world. If we use AI in the correct, legal way, the world will be a better place to live.

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