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What are NFTs - non fungible token?


How to buy NFTs?


Where to buy NFTs? Checkout this NFT platforms

What are NFTs - non fungible token?

Simplified described, NFT (non-fungible token) are tiny parts of a blockchain. The difference to other blockchain-elements is the fact that NFTs are unique parts which can't be split into smaller parts. One NFT is already the smallest entity which could be addressed. Those NFTs could be created as parts of some selected blockchains.

To name the most relevant ones: WAX, EOS (Ehereum based) or established on the FLOW blockchain. To learn something more in detail about the different blockchain's, jump to the "about NFT-blockchain's" section.

One of the characteristics of NFTs is the possibility to trade them. After an NFT is created, it has automatically their owner (the creator itself).

The owner could decide what to do with the NFT. He could for example put it to one of the various trading-platforms, to offer the NFT for buying. Just with a simple fixed selling-price or via auction.

Want to know more about NFTs in detail?

How to buy NFTs?

If own already a crypto-wallet, or created one recently? Then you are ready for buying your first NFT. If you don't have an account yet it's time to create one. Because putting real money $$ to one of the different wallet-variants is an essential first step.

Buy NFT step by step guide

1. Create crypto-cloud wallet (e.g. WAX cloud wallet).

2. Put $$ money to you cloud wallet.

3. Create user account on NFT trading-platform.

4. Connect your cloud-wallet with the trading-platform.

5. Browse the market to find your desired NFT.

6. Put a bid on an existing auction or use direct buy option.

7. Receive your NFT in your personal inventory .

Thats pretty much it. To follow the details in some of the mentioned steps, please visit www.hubpodschool.com to learn more about registering for our courses.

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