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What happens in sessions?

This isn't like school. We mentor and build the minds of youth.  You’ll get training on how to learn about complex topics in a short amount of time, and then deliver a TED-style presentation on what you learned. These sessions are highly engaging and not lecture-based. Our learning allows you to present to real decision-makers that can take your solutions to the next level.


During HubPod School, you will work on problems that companies haven’t solved yet. We call these challenges. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, and if you want to learn how to solve big problems, they might as well get started now and be a part of an ecosystem disruptor.



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How our sessions run

HubPod School program is modeled after curriculums from MIT, ETH Switzerland, and London School of Economics and designed to replicate the learning environments of Pocket Pod and Google. 


  • Informal learning experiences occur outside the context of formal education settings.

  • Engaging students in academic content without the time constraints of the formal curriculum. 

  • Social media offers the additional advantages of an informal, mobile setting. 

  • HubPod School is a monthly paid program that runs 10months of the year.

#CEO-Level Training

You'll learn how the best CEOs solve problems.  You are learning and being mentored to make a real difference.

#Figure It Out

You have it easy in school.  Flip to the back of the textbook. Guess what, the real-world doesn't work like that.  Learn how to solve problems that don't have solutions. 


You’ll have 3-6 hours to design a solution around a theme. These themes can be technologies like Artificial Intelligence, or they can be problems in areas like energy access in developing countries


Companies like Google use design sprints to create new products. You'll learn how to do these types of sprints so you can bring your ideas to life.


You will pitch your ideas to HubPod mentors. Get their unique insights and advice to turn your pitch into a reality. Hubpod School is here to breed budding entrepreneurs and global leaders.


Use our explore modules to learn about 40+ new technologies and sciences, like AI, Gene Editing, Quantum Computing, and more! Also, you will learn financial literacy, social justice, business planning, and entrepreneurship. 


At HubPod School, you can use this platform to learn about new technologies outside of the sessions, connect with other HubPod kids globally, and track your progress.



You can meet HubPod students and alumni from around the world but also start building your personal global network. We are all one and collaborate within a fluid environment.

HubPod kids can't hide behind books in class. These kids are on the edge of their chair waiting for their turn to come.  In the beginning it’s a problem, they’re nervous, they’re afraid, but as they get used to the platform they literally love it.

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