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Course Name: Alpha Generation... MBA In A Box (Code#128) 

Course Instructor: Srinath Birur

Chief Innovation Evangelist|Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Alpha Generation MBA in a box: Business lessons from a CEO! Based in India.

Srinath Birur is an EDUpreneur and chief innovation evangelist for Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. Srinath brings to HubPod School over 25 years of his experience in business. He has an MBA in Marketing and HR from University of Wales, UK. He is responsible in driving Entrepreneurship projects, program design, client engagement across Australia, Europe, and Canada Market. He spear headed facilitating to establish “IoT Centre of Excellence” a collaboration with Factory Mind, Oslo Norway. Srinath is currently handling and driving the Entrepreneurship Program for Excel Public School Designed, Conceptualized and Delivered Start-up’s learning sessions, Mentored students from Grade 9 – 12 which resulted in 4 start-up’s. In addition, he is the Chairman-Entrepreneurship Committee in Australia, New Zealand, India Business Chamber. Srinath is currently organizing an event called Global Investor Meet a platform for prospect start-ups to meet investors. HubPod School is excited to have him as part of the team to inspire our children to become entrepreneurs but giving them the platform to succeed and giving our students access to business, community, leaders and organizations that can help facilitate. When Srinath is not globe-trotting around the world he is an avid reader with a personal collection of over 400 books in his library. He also enjoys being informed on world politics, technology and science. Srinath again looks forward to leading his students to think big and go after their ideas and turn them into reality.

This is the only virtual course you need to acquire the business acumen to: 

Start up your own business as a young entrepreneur.


Grow your existing venture.

Take your career to the next level.


Apply managerial, financial, marketing, decision-making and negotiation skills in the real business world with real world business, community and technology leaders.


Have an all-around view of why some companies (and people) succeed when doing business and others do not. 


This course is jam-packed with the same useful information and real-life case studies MBA graduates acquire throughout their training in top-tier business schools. The only difference is HubPod School is offering this course to kids and youth.  We have even made it more interactive by preparing a gamebook for you. Yeah, that’s right! Learning business and finance need not be boring!  


The gamebook will test what you have learned and will simulate a real-world environment in which your decisions as a business executive will have real monetary consequences for a company. Can you think of any better way to reinforce what you have learned? 

An exciting journey from A-Z. 


If you are a complete beginner and you know nothing about business or finance, don’t worry at all! In each of the five main modules of the course, we start from the very basics and will gradually build up your knowledge. The course contains plenty of real-life examples and case studies that make it easy to understand.


Five modules 


MBA in a box is a collection of the five courses that are most frequently taught to MBA students. Our instructors have carried out extensive research and explored the curriculums of the most successful MBA programs around the world including Harvard Business School, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, INSEAD, Booth School of Business, London Business School and others. This is the reason the following modules have been included in this program: 


  • Business Strategy 

  • Management and HR Management 

  • Marketing Communications and Marketing Management 

  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis 

  • Decision Making, Persuasion, and Negotiation 


Teaching is HubPod School and our team’s  passion.

For over six months, we worked hard to create the best possible MBA course that will deliver the most value for you. We want you to succeed, which is why the course tries to be as engaging as possible. High-quality animations, superb course materials, a gamebook simulation, quiz questions, handouts, and course notes, as well as a glossary with new terms are some of the extra perks you will get by subscribing. 


What makes this course different from the rest of the Business courses out there? 


High-quality production – HD video and animations (This isn’t a collection of boring lectures!) 

Knowledgeable instructor (CEO of an 8-digit business)


Complete training – we will cover all major topics and skills you need to become an entrepreneur, a successful investor, or a business executive 

Extensive Case Studies that will help you reinforce everything that you’ve learned 

Gamebook - solve our Gamebook and make this course an interactive experience to test what you’ve learned while taking the course.


Excellent support - if you don’t understand a concept or want to drop us a line, you’ll receive an answer within 1 business day. 


Dynamic - we don’t want to waste your time! The instructor keeps up a very good pace throughout the whole course.


Why do you need these skills? 

It is not a coincidence that MBA graduates earn 40% more than their peers – they have the skills and knowledge that allow them to see the bigger picture. This course will give the same to you – a holistic view of why certain businesses succeeds and what needs to be done to improve their performance.


Promotions - MBA students acquire valuable technical skills, which makes them the leading candidates for senior roles within corporations 


Secure Future - there is a high demand for skilled business executives in the job market, and you won’t have to be concerned about finding a job or starting your own business. 


Growth - this isn’t a boring job. Every day, you will face different challenges that will test your existing skills and help support your own business or someone else’s.


By the end of this class, students will know everything they need to operate their own successful business and start building wealth. I wish I could have taken this class when I was ten years old.


**Class Policies***

1) My classes are interactive and are primarily based on the Socratic learning method. Students are encouraged to have fun, speak up and ask questions during class and sometimes even debate. I will make the material relatable and incorporate concepts and materials that align with their likes, dislikes, and interests.


2) Students must have working cameras and microphones in class positioned to both see and hear them. This makes each class much more engaging and social.


3) "Punctuality is the soul of business” - Thomas Chandler Haliburton.

Lateness is very destructive to business. We expect each learner to login at least 10-15 minutes before class begins because we will always start promptly on the hour which is 9:00 am (EST). Students will be given a grace period by 9:05 am to log in after that the instructor must continue teaching. If there are no students in the class 15 minutes after the class starts the instructor will exit the class for the day.


4) I know in this Zoomed-out world we are in; people will get anxious and fidgety during sessions—That's normal and expected.  However, it is unacceptable for a student to become rude, disruptive, belligerent, combative, and confrontational.


Things like spamming the chat, muttering obscenities, displaying rude gestures, make threatening remarks or behavior, or displaying and causing disruptions with the camera are not tolerated.  A student will be given an initial warning, and if they continue to be disruptive, they'll be moved to the waiting room. If the disruptive behavior persists, they'll be ejected from the class and will have to watch the recording. All students deserve to learn in an environment free from disruption.



No formal homework is assigned but students will be given challenges if they wish to work on them. At the end of the course HubPod School will facilitate to work on a student exchange program working for companies/organizations based in Canada, India &/ South Africa.



Access to internet, download Zoom App, devices you can use: laptop, desktop, Ipad/Tablet, Phone.


Class Date

Saturday, February 5, 2022 –February 26, 2022



Log In:            8:45 am (EST)

Class Start:    9:00 am (EST)

Class End:      10:00 am (EST)


External Resources



Students will be issued a certificate that they have completed the course.


Time Commitment

1 hours per week in class, and an estimated 0 - 1 hours per week outside of class.

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